Monday, June 16, 2008

O, Really?

I checked back in with Oprah on her famous-in-the-foodie-world foray into veganism [See last month's post "O, Please"]. Her personal chef is unavailable this week so she's had to wing it. Kathy Freston, who I'm guessing is her nutritionist, chimed in with this:

"When you enjoy bread, try and make it an occasional treat. If you can, make it as unprocessed as possible. Whole grains with few added ingredients are best, of course. The more you eat varied and colorful vegetables and plant based protein, the less you will crave bread. You will be getting so much fiber and vitamins and nutrition that your cravings will permanently reset."

Correct me if I'm wrong, but every single civilization in the history of this big blue marble has found a way to make bread. Two kinds if they were feeling fancy and not under attack by warring tribes. Demonize Frankenfoods and high-fructose corn syrup and pesticides, but hands off the bread.

Signing off from my second home, Panera,

P.S. And the more I think about it, the more I take issue with the idea that my cravings "will permanently reset" as a result of fiber and vitamins. If that were true, wouldn't taking vitamins make all of us turn our noses up at potato chips and brownies? And yet, the Best Product Of The Nineties is Viactiv, the chewy chocolate calcium supplement. They're not hurting for business. Neither is Frito-Lay OR GNC. Sorry, O and O's dietician, the logic just ain't there.


Nancy said...

There are even scholars who claim that bread made civilizations. So yeah, hands off the bread!

Stephanie said...

I wanted to be fair and try some of her cook's recipes, but holy cow - even with my fairly well-stocked pantry, I couldn't even make the salad dressing!