Thursday, November 25, 2010

Nothing Short of a Snacktime Revolution, I Tell You

So it's Thanksgiving Day (have a Happy!), you've read 18 different turkey recipes and seen one too many perky skinny person talk about how they actually lose weight over the holidays. Dinnertime isn't when it usually is. You may be at the home of "that aunt" - the one with the feral cat collection and the off-limits basement. Or, you may be having a perfectly lovely holiday with good friends and loved ones and tasty treats - good for you.

In any event, one of this year's losses was my favorite not-very-salty, fancy-foofy microwave popcorn from the International Organic Artisinal Free-Range Yummy Store. It has been counterbalanced by one of this year's successes.

And by that I mean "popcorn in a paper bag." My new blogcrush, Cheaphealthygood, has a terrific post on making regular, plain ol' cheap popcorn in a regular, plain ol' cheap paper lunch bag.

One quarter-cup popcorn kernels.
Place in paper lunch bag and fold over top.
Put in microwave for 4 minutes. Stop microwave when rapid popping stops.

That sound you hear is the money climbing back into my wallet since it's not going to Yummy HQ in exchange for popcorn. For that, I'm thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving!