Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Mixing It Up

Loyal stinkycheesers know that most of my cooking decisions are based on two criteria: what's already in my fridge and pantry, and what's on sale. Since we hadn't had Caribbean Chicken for a while - and chicken was on sale - it was time to make some.

Two changes to the standard version (found here):

1. When I went up to Maryland and made & froze meals for my sister, she became a big fan of this recipe. When she didn't have enough left for a full entree she used it to top a green salad.

Right now that's my dinner, too, and I'm glad to have stolen the idea. I used about 1/3 of a cooked chicken breast, diced it, and it tops a salad of fresh spinach, cucumber, and navel orange slices. It's fabulous and I feel like I might one day drop that 15 pounds if I keep eating like this.

A little goat cheese, which I don't happen to have right now, would really balance out the salad well.

2. Since I forgot to pick up jalapeno peppers I had to use what I had onhand, which was a nice, plump chipotle pepper in adobo sauce. And I absolutely should've pulled the heat-throwing seeds out, but lesson learned. This is a really rich, smoky variation that I'm enjoying just as much as the original.

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