Friday, February 12, 2010


I know, I know, my fam up in Maryland and PA got 47 feet of snow over the past ten days - Snowpocalypse, SnOMG, etc. and we're shut in with nowhere near that. Don't be a hater.

Here in Atlanta 2 inches of snow is a very big deal for a 4 of the snow plows in the metro area.

It's pretty, though.

And while that in and of itself didn't keep me out of the office, waiting over 30 minutes for a train that never came did it. So there I was, conducting a conference call from my guest room, with door closed to guard against certain barky members of the household revealing my undisclosed location.

The completely unforseen wrinkle? Sweetie's Valentine Day surprise - delivering red velvet cupcakes to my office - went by the wayside. But isn't that the sweetest thing ever?? Our wedding cake was red velvet, and these are the only confection that has come anywhere near equalling the yumminess of our cake.

Let's get a look, shall we?

Look at the loft on that frosting. The rich chocolate of the cupcake and the whimsical crumb/walnut/sparkle topping. A perfect 10.

I love you too, Sweetie.

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