Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Pleasure Of Your Company

A dear friend and colleague announced that she was taking me and another colleague to lunch. We were to ask no questions, she'd explain it all then. Was she leaving? Ill? The bearer of other disturbing news?

"I just wanted you two to know how much I appreciate you and value your friendship. That's it. But if I'd told you that was the reason, you would've just thanked me and worked through lunch."

So three busy women made a little sacred space in the day to enjoy one another, break bread, and revel in the blessing of friendship. What a wonderful gift, and a great reminder that my office should not also be my dining spot quite so often.

I'm so excited to have been invited to the home of one of the best cooks I know this evening, and I'm co-hosting a Girls Night dinner with a friend in the next two weeks - to Sweetie's delight, I take any opportunity to make a caramel cake. Community is a wonderful thing!

If you're following the Learn-To-Cook/No Fuss weekends, just a quick reminder that we're on our SIXTH entree recipe! If you've mastered these, or even half of them, you are ready to cook for friends. Supplement with frozen or take-out foods, it doesn't matter. Glasses that match don't matter and paper vs. cloth napkins is a dealer's choice. What matters is having the people you care about around the table.

So anyway - entree #6 is Baked Spinach and Ham Frittata. If you hate ham leave it out. If you don't eat pork, use turkey ham OR crumbled turkey breakfast sausage OR crumbled soy breakfast sausage (and let me know how that goes... I've had my qualms about that). After one more Learn-To-Cook entree, which will be one for each night of the week, we'll move onto side dishes.

For tomorrow's recipe you'll need:
Eggs (just buy a dozen)
Dried basil
Frozen chopped spinach
Thinly sliced ham, turkey ham, or cooked & crumbled sausage
Grated Parmesan cheese - if you have the resources & opportunity to get a block of Parmesan, go for it. It's SO flavorful and worth it! Pre-shredded Parmesan in the little tub is the next best choice.
As always, a frozen pizza or other dinner to take the pressure off of cooking a new recipe.

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