Tuesday, July 22, 2008

"It's A Demotion!" - Where's A Poo Cake When You Need One?

Original thinking is a fabulous thing. I REFUSE to use the term "think outside the box." How could I stand to use a cliche to talk about innovation? I'd ask "how could anyone?" but I'm really working on this less-judgmental thing. Except for cases like this, where most of society is with me.

Creativity lends color to the picture, sparkle to the mundane and lime juice to the banana bread (I know! What took so long??).

And yet.

We've all had, and possibly made, dishes inspired by... I don't know, acid trips that never quite wrapped up, revenge, canned goods with the labels missing, whatever. Creativity run amok can have ungodly consequences. To protect the innocent I'm naming no names.

Except this one - www.cakewrecks.blogspot.com. A collection of the most disturbing, inappropriate, disastrous cakes you couldn't imagine on your own due to your good taste and social graces, no matter how lacking.

Here's what I mean - the "It's Just A Cold Sore" cake. The poo cake. The puffer-fish cake. "Happy Birthday D---head" - sure, I've wanted to make that one a time or two in years past, but I never was one to waste real butter and Madagascar vanilla.

Review. Gasp. Point and laugh. I dare you not to. And if I show up somewhere with a chocolate (of course) "Love the new shoelaces!" cake please gently pull me to the side, tell me it has gone too far, and find me a ride home.

And give me my cake back.


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