Saturday, May 10, 2008

Foodie and the Beast

My foodiness had rubbed off on the Brown Dog in our household. She has a thing for pork in all its glory - bacon, ham, tenderloin, barbecue.

And she is a full-fledged snob about it.

She can tell the difference between pork and other meats, even when many people can't. When I make turkey bacon (or "fakin'", as my sweetie calls it), her little nose quivers. When I make pork bacon she risks life and paw jumping up to snatch a piece out of the skillet. She has 'napped sausages when I foolishly left them unattended in the kitchen. I looked everywhere until her smug chops-lickin' told me everything I needed to know.

When she hears a can lid pop she charges into the kitchen with the expectation that she will be served her beloved canned food. When it's a can of tomatoes or something else not intended for her little tummy she sulks - "I don't know why YOU get canned food when I've had a tough day of tail-wagging and YOUR tail hasn't moved off that sofa." You might think that a dog with such exquisitely attuned senses would know not to come running into the kitchen when a can of paint is being opened, but you'd be wrong....

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